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For people whom have any eating disorders (AN, BN, OSFED, etc.) don't want recovery at this point in their life to talk about their lives without shame.
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 Amazing miracle foods :)

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PostSubject: Amazing miracle foods :)   2/24/2017, 8:22 pm

Foods that are just amazing and surprisingly low calorie as well! 
-Becel light margarine (35 cal)
-Sugar free jello (5 cal)
-Persimmons (30 cal)
-Sugar free yogurt (35 cal)
-Egg whites (30 cal)
and of course

-Celery (0 cal)

Feel free to add some of your own!
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Arabelle Rose
Arabelle Rose

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PostSubject: Re: Amazing miracle foods :)   2/25/2017, 12:17 pm

Granny Smith Apples, only 72 cals!

Also rice cakes, Quaker Lightly Salted ones are only 35 cals!

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PostSubject: Re: Amazing miracle foods :)   3/2/2017, 11:21 pm

I am looking all over the place for something called "Miracle Noodles" yI keep hearing people talk about. I think they are 35 calories a serving? I've seen some great recipes for them and I once I find them I will probably live off them lol
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing miracle foods :)   3/9/2017, 10:56 am

Hey, for Miracle Noodles, check in the refrigerated sections, with the produce and pre-bagged greens. That's where I find mine. Smile

Mandarins are amazing, and only about 30-35 calories each.

Small stone fruits, too, like plums or nectarines, are really low calorie. Cherries are only 5 cal each average.

Melon! 100 g of cantaloupe is 35 cal, 100 g of watermelon is 30 cal, 100 g of honeydew is 36 cal.

Raw vegetables are obviously low, but radishes are a favorite snack for me. They're only 1 calorie apiece, average. Cabbage is really low calorie, too. I use it as a substitute for noodles in soups. 100 g of shredded cabbage is 25 cal.

A cup of air popped popcorn is only 30-35 calories. I put garlic salt and a bit of spray butter on mine, or sometimes powdered splenda and cinnamon.

Broth. I love broth. I have days where I just live on this and nothing else.

For meals, I really like tuna and crackers right now. Five whole grain crackers and 4 oz of canned tuna is only a couple of hundred calories, plus a lot of protein. I add a little bit of pickle to mine, and black pepper. 200 is a lot at once for some people, I know, but keeps me full for a long time, and looks like a normal amount of food in front of roommates, especially if I throw some steamed broccoli on the side.

I'll be back when I think of more, lol.
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing miracle foods :)   5/13/2017, 4:41 pm

Cottage cheese is so amazing. I used to be a massive cheese addict so for me it's a real treat haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Amazing miracle foods :)   

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Amazing miracle foods :)
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