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For people whom have any eating disorders (AN, BN, OSFED, etc.) don't want recovery at this point in their life to talk about their lives without shame.
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 Accounts of minors and persons under legal guardianship

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Arabelle Rose

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PostSubject: Accounts of minors and persons under legal guardianship    2/9/2017, 1:44 am

Note: the email address DyingToBeThinCopyright@gmail.com is ONLY to be used for take down requests and other legal purposes. All other messages will not be responded to and will be deleted.

If you are a parent and/or legal guardian of a person on this site whom is under 18 then email a Deletion Request to DyingToBeThinCopyright@gmail.com.

Such a request require proof of guardianship of the user and that the user is under 18.
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Accounts of minors and persons under legal guardianship
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