Dying to Be Thin

For people whom have any eating disorders (AN, BN, OSFED, etc.) don't want recovery at this point in their life to talk about their lives without shame.
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 About this site, and the RULES!

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Arabelle Rose
Arabelle Rose

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About this site, and the RULES! Empty
PostSubject: About this site, and the RULES!   About this site, and the RULES! Empty2/8/2017, 7:39 pm

If you want anything to do with "recovery" and feel you need to be "saved" from your ED, then do not come here.  If you still choose to come here I am not responsible for you being triggered.

This site was created on Wednesday, February 8th, 2017 because of the desire of the site Admin to have a space that is truly Pro-Ana and does not allow Anti-Pro-Ana (APA) activity (meaning posting APA stuff or bashing members as "Butterflies" when all you know is what they choose to share online).

The Admin is a 23 year old woman (writing this herself in the 3rd person) who goes by the name Arabelle Rose.  You can find her Twitter, Instagram (very few are accepted to follow), Wordpress, and even myproana.com Click Here to view MPA Profile.  All social media links except MPA can be found here.

Pro-Ana means either one of two things, a) that you see EDs as a lifestyle choice, or b) you don't think they're exactly a choice but you want NOTHING to do with "recovery" and promises of a half-life in between normal and "crazy".

The Rules are as follows:

  • If I tell you to do something, such as stay away from another person or something of that nature (I will never ask for personal info such as your real name etc.) then please do it.  If you cuase problems you will be banned.

  • If you post your personal info, then YOU are taking a huge risk.  Keep that in mind.  Also know that even if I delete your personal info, it may be cashed somewhere and I have no control over that.  The internet is forever.

  • No Anti-Pro-Ana content or bashing members for being Pro-Ana.

  • Share your stats as accurately as possible or not at all.  No lying.  You will know that you lied and that will cause guilt.

  • No discounting other's eating disorders or problems.

  • No illegal activity on this forum.  At all.  It will be taken down.

  • Users can use whatever forum they want.  Ana, Mia, OSFED, Other EDs, etc.

  • No graphic discussion of sex and no pornography.  This is forbidden by the host of this forum.  If we don't follow this rule we will be deleted!  You can mention Porn Actress's if they are thinspo to you for example, but no porn pics or links to porn.

  • Meanspo is not permitted in posts, topics, or PMs!  It is against the rules of the host of this site.  Members may exchange info (email, kik, etc.) in PMs and use those avenues of communication for meanspo, only if they consent (i.e. they must have written that they are interested in giving and/or receiving meanspo in their email, kik, etc.).

About this site, and the RULES! Img_0013

I also advise you to introduce yourselves!  The place to do that is in the forum where this subject is posted!

If you feel this is a place you can handle, welcome aboard! [/center]

OSFED, Atypical AN | That Wintergirl Bitch you hate | Retail Whore
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About this site, and the RULES!
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